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A Best-Selling
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Joe Baldizzone

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My Story

Anxiety, panic attacks, and depression brought me to a place in 1984 where I could no longer function at all, lost all hope of ever recovering, and attempted to end my life. I was hospitalized, and set upon a path of holistic healing. My healing was slow, but steady, and I've since attained a freedom I could have never dreamed possible. I've spent close to 4 decades aquiring new tools and putting into practice some of the simplest of ideas and techniques to build a healtheir mind and body. In 2015 I decided I'd share my experience with the world in hopes that my struggles, education, and efforts might be able to help others do the same.

I welcome you to share in my journey...

My Books
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"A helpful guide for anyone on a journey of healing. He has written things in a concise format with bite-size understandable suggestions to improve well-being. As a psychiatrist I was quite excited to read this book... and can confirm it is extremely useful information. Everyone should apply these things at some point in their life."
-- Dr. Neva Shebini, Psychiatrist

"Your book is fantastic!  Thank you.  I love it personally and intend to suggest all my clients read (and practice) it as well.  Thanks for sharing your healing journey with the world."
-- Dr. Tina Lightner-Morris, D.Min, MS, LCPC, IAYT-C, BCC

"Simply put, this is the best book that I've read in a while that recommends a holistic approach to treating depression and anxiety. That being said, the author doesn't dismiss the validity of traditional therapies and medications when they become necessary."
-- Sue Gold, LCSW-R, ACSW

"50 Things to Do Before Seeing a Psychiatrist is an excellent resource. It's full of time tested techniques proven effective towards living a healthier life both mentally and physically. Mr. Baldizzone lays these techniques out in a thoughtful, easy to digest manner. I've been recommending this book to clients since I first picked it up in February of 2017."
-- Jack D. Love, MA, LMFT Psychotherapy and Mediation

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